The “bear trap” dinner plate is the future of dining—never over-eat again!

The Issue:

When eating, sometimes the most appealing thing to do is to immediately wolf down all the food in front of you.

People then occasionally regret this overeating, and wish there were some way to more easily exercise self control despite the presence of delicious food.

Fig 1: Delicious food on a plate. Irresistible??


We can solve this wolfing-down of food by forcing the person to eat more slowly.

Specifically, a “bear trap”-like articulated plastic dome (Figure 2) is added to the plate: this dome opens and closes at a regular interval, preventing the food-enjoying individual from eating while it’s in the closed state.

Fig. 2: This “dinner plate bear trap” can easily help the casual dieter regulate their eating speed!


This would be immensely useful at holiday meals, all-you-can-eat buffets, and other locations in which a seemingly-infinite amount of food is available.

PROS: May reduce national obesity rates and help people avoid that “over-full” feeling from eating too much.

CONS: Might chop off some fingers if the closing mechanism is too strong.