If you’ve ever had your hands full carrying things, you need this new “helping hand” accessory, which will be an indispensable part of your wardrobe in the near future.

The Issue:

It’s frequently the case that a person has an insufficient number of hands to perform a particular task. Specifically, a person carrying two objects (Figure 1) might temporarily need an extra hand to operate a door handle / press a button / etc.

Fig. 1: This person can’t easily pull the door handle while also holding the leash and the coffee. The only solution is to do an awkward “dance” to avoid dropping things while opening the door.

As shown above, solutions to this problem are inelegant at best.


Technology to the rescue! Although most people have at most a single arm attached to each shoulder, there’s really no reason these shoulders couldn’t accommodate another arm (Figure 2).

Fig. 2: The additional arm here is shown just holding a coffee cup, but the options are endless! It could carry a cell phone, a laptop, a baby, a beehive, etc…

These bonus arms could be made to be extremely stable, like a camera stabilizer (frequently referred to by the brand name “Steadicam”). It’s possible that the “bonus” arm would actually be less prone to spilling a coffee than a regular human arm!

It would be easy to wear a set of extra arms as a sort of “backpack,” so attaching them securely is clearly no issue at all.


Although people would probably take some time to warm up to this idea fashion-wise, it’s almost inevitable that this will be part of the standard business attire of the future.

PROS: Reduces the chance of deadly career-ending coffee spills.

CONS: None!