Keep up with an exercise routine by using this system that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to go to sleep without exercising first!

The issue:

Frequently, people buy exercise equipment but then don’t actually use it.

Instead, barbells gather dust and exercise bikes are used as a supplementary clothing racks.


One effective way of encouraging a person to use their exercise equipment is to have the equipment physically block access to the owner’s bed (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: This modified “Murphy” bed (fold-down bed) can be pushed into the wall easily, but can only be un-folded by turning the crank (at B) thousands of times. The most efficient way to do this is to use the attached rowing machine (A). If the rowing machine were to also wind up a spring, the spring’s energy could automatically raise the bed the next day as well.

This system could also be adapted for other types of exercise equipment (treadmill, weight lifting machine, exercise bike, etc.).

A simpler “no-frills” version of this system is also possible, and would work with free weights too: a person could put a plank of wood on their bed and then throw a bunch of barbells onto it. This would require more self-control on the part of the user (since they could just move the barbells directly to the floor without exercising), but at least it would serve as a reminder of the exercise plan.

PROS: May increase physical fitness!

CONS: People might come up with creative solutions for defeating this system, like sleeping on the floor, which could actually be worse overall for their health than just regularly not-exercising.