Sick of waking up to the horrible sound of an alarm clock? Even an initially-pleasant tune can become stressful, but this new lullaby alarm clock solves the problem completely!


Waking up to the horrible “RRRRRINGGGG” or “BEEP BEEP BEEP” sound of an alarm was once an unavoidable feature of the alarm clock.

The Issue:

Nowadays, most people use their phones as alarm clocks, and the various “alarm” ringtones have become substantially more pleasant, but the problem remains—even a once-pleasant sound becomes annoying and stressful if it wakes you up every day  (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: No matter how pleasant the alarm sound might be in theory, it’s often still quite annoying as an unappreciated wake-up call!


The solution to avoiding the ”negative conditioning“ of the alarm sound is simple: the alarm clock should simply not wake up the user at all! This way, all negative feelings that might once have been caused by the alarm clock will not occur at all.

An updated alarm might have several different styles of soothing lullabies to choose from, or maybe the sound of ocean waves or rain (Figure 2).

Fig. 2: This alarm won’t traumatize its owner, no matter how many times it rings.


This is a great example of treating the source of the problem (“it’s annoying to be woken up by an alarm clock”) instead of superficial downstream issues (like the exact nature of the sound that wakes a person up).

PROS: Improves the currently-stagnant state of alarm clock technology and allows the alarm clock to once again compete with cell phones for supremacy.

CONS: None! No downsides whatsoever.