Never miss a spot when vacuuming again, thanks to this new shoe that makes vacuuming a cinch instead of an odious chore!

The Issue:

Vacuuming a house can be an annoying chore.

Robots exist (famously, the Roomba) that will vacuum a floor, but they have many limitations and can’t handle certain common locations, like carpeted stairs.


What is needed is a vacuum cleaner that can go anywhere that gets foot traffic. And what better way to do that than to have the vacuum also be a shoe (Figure 1)?

Fig. 1: A) Vacuum cleaner “roller” component to get dirt out of carpet. B) The regular vacuum intake for loose debris. C) A rotating “street cleaning”-style brush. D) dust and dirt end up in the removable heel (the user slides this out to empty it, just like in any bag-less vacuum).

The shoe-vacuum solves so many problems: because the wearer will just be incidentally vacuuming while walking around, the vacuuming is done “for free” without requiring any additional effort. Additionally, areas that get a lot of activity—and thus, probably need frequent vacuuming—will also get a lot of shoe-vacuum traffic.


Throw away your “indoor slippers” and replace them with these vacuum cleaner shoes!

PROS: Allows a person to effortlessly maintain a vacuum-cleaned domicile.

CONS: Doesn’t solve the vacuuming-under-furniture issue. Might dramatically increase the number of injuries caused by falling down stairs.