One cell phone alarm weird trick: Stop annoying your loved ones with the ringing phone alarm that you are discourteously ignoring while you take a shower!




You’ve probably encountered the situation where you can hear your phone’s alarm going off, but are in a situation where it isn’t easy to actually pick up the phone to tell it to turn the alarm off.

For example, if you’re in the shower, tending to a boiling cauldron, or driving a car, you probably won’t be able to easily press the “alarm off” button.


Fig 1: The alarm requires you to actually physically interact with the phone in order to disable it, despite the fact that modern phones all have a voice recognition feature built in.


Fig 2: Ideally, you would be able to tell the alarm to turn itself off by just shouting at it from the shower.


This problem is very simple to fix!

Background: all modern phones have voice recognition built in. Usually this listening mode is activated by a button press or a set phrase (e.g. “Hey Siri” or “Ok, Google”).

So all we need to do is set up the phone so that the listening mode is automatically engaged whenever the alarm is going off (even if the phone is locked or the user normally doesn’t use voice commands), and the phone should be listening for some specific phrase, like “Alarm, OFF!” or “Alarm, snooze!” , which it will then obey. Now you don’t have to get out of the shower to turn off your phone alarm!


Fig 3: Since the phone knows that it should be listening, it will be ready to deactivate the alarm when you yell at it from the shower.

PROS: Can be implemented entirely in software!

CONS: If you are a heavy sleeper, someone else could possibly disable your alarm by yelling at it to turn off before you actually manage to wake up.