Save time and increase employee productivity by removing the traditional coffee machine and replacing it with a new farm-inspired coffee delivery method.


Many workplaces provide coffee makers or espresso machines for their employees to use.

The Issue:

The process of setting up a drip coffee machine or making an espresso can take several minutes, during which the employee is not toiling productively.

Even the single-use-coffee-“pod” machines (famously, the Nespresso brand) take at least a few seconds to set up and use.

Fig. 1: This complicated espresso machine is a time-consuming drag on employee productivity.


A method of food/drink delivery used for farm animals may be the ultimate efficient solution here: the “coffee trough” (Figure 2). In its simplest form, this could just be a long metal box on top of a hot plate. 

Fig. 2: This heated “coffee trough” would always be topped up with warm coffee (brewed on an industrial scale). Coffee could periodically drip into this container from an always-running coffee maker (not shown).

Employees could either dip a mug into the coffee trough or drink from it directly like a farm animal, as time permits.


This brings new efficiency to the office!

PROS: This “coffee trough” will allow a company to attract even better talent, as it’s unlikely that any competitors will offer such a perk.

CONS: May cause employees to drink too much coffee. Also might spread water-borne diseases between employees, so it’s recommended to occasionally boil the trough-coffee to keep it sanitary.