Incredible new invention for purveyors of video yoga: left-right coded yoga pants, OR genetic engineering to give humans lobster (🦞) claws.


There are a number of YouTube exercise-routine channels where the presenter demonstrates some sort of activity, and you, the viewer, are encouraged to contort your body into the same position.

The Issue:

Humans are quite bilaterally symmetrical. If a yoga presenter is facing sideways, it’s not always extremely obvious which arm / leg is in front, and which is in back. Thus, a viewer might inadvertently perform an exactly-mirrored yoga pose, leading to untold catastrophe.

This situation is particularly noticeable when a demonstrator is wearing black workout clothes.


Just as ships have red and green lights to indicate their left and right side, yoga pants (and shirts) should have a simple color-coded system (Figure 1) so that viewers may intuitively understand the exact details of the yoga pose.

Fig. 1: Left: confusion! Right: clarity.

Alternative Proposal:

Since the root cause of this problem is that humans look basically the same on the left and right sides, one solution would be to change the human species to have left-right asymmetry.

Perhaps we could adopt the lobster’s (🦞) approach: one human hand could become a giant crushing claw, while the other would be a smaller claw (or regular hand) more suited to detail work.

This would solve the top-half symmetry problem, and the colored yoga pants would solve the bottom-half symmetry problem.

PROS: Improves exercise efficiency, leading to lower national health care costs.

CONS: May slightly increase clothing manufacturing costs.