Make your commute easier thanks to this new hat idea—no more laptop bags or briefcases! The only downside is that birds might attack you.


Carrying objects on one’s head is a time-honored method of moving heavy objects (

However, this is—surprisingly—not a common technique in the Western world.

Commuters use all sorts of briefcases, laptop bags, backpacks, and messenger bags, but there’s no such thing as a “laptop hat.”


This proposal is fairly self-explanatory: a “laptop hat” (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: A person might think that a laptop is too heavy to carry on their head, but it turns out to be practical to carry 50+ lbs. this way. The minuscule weight of the laptop should be no problem at all.

One issue with this laptop hat is that it can easily slip off the user’s head. However, it’s common for head-carrying individuals to use one hand to steady the load. Although this does occupy one arm, that makes the laptop hat’s efficiency equal to that of a briefcase (which also requires the use of one arm).

It might be possible to free the user’s hands completely by mounting the laptop attachment on top of a sturdier type of headwear, such as a motorcycle helmet.

PROS: May make commutes easier for laptop-carrying professionals. Could free up a hand that would otherwise be used to carry a briefcase or laptop bag.

CONS: The reflective metal of the laptop could attract magpies and other birds to attack the wearer.