Resume playing a game? What about résumé playing a game? Become employable and build up your job skills with a new video game achievement system.


Many computer games award “achievements” or “trophies” to the player upon the completion of various challenges: e.g. “Achievement: Finish Level 4 Without Taking Damage” or “Collect Over 1,000,000 Doubloons.”

Players will often dedicate substantial effort to these tasks, despite the fact that there is generally no in-game reward for them.


What if we could improve the achievement system so that the player’s dedication could actually translate into benefits outside of the game—like their employment prospects?

In particular, let’s create a system where achievements will also generate text (Fig. 1) for a person’s resume (or “CV” / “curriculum vitae” for players in academic professions).

Fig. 1: Here, we see an automatically-generated resume for CoolGuy9898Gamez. This player’s years of dedication and experience will now translate directly into new job prospects.


Any company that runs a game achievement system (in 2022, this includes Valve (Steam), Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft, and others) could easily create a utility that would take a player’s list of game achievements and reformat it as a resume.

As a publicity gimmick, this might even legitimately be a great idea.

PROS: Allows gamers to translate skills from their field of expertise into rewards in the employment world.

CONS: It’s possible that job-seekers would become disheartened when they realized (thanks to this resume service) that they spent 3,000 hours playing Skyrim.