Incredible way for a lazy dog or cat to get exercise: combine a pet food bowl with a Frisbee™ (or a generic “flying disc” if you can’t afford the proper trademark licensing requirements)

The Issue:

It is hypothetically possible for a person to have a VERY LAZY pet that requires exercise yet stubbornly refuses to go on a walk. Technical experts probably refer to this as the “Garfield conundrum“ (or at least they should).


Instead of dragging the recalcitrant beast along with a leash, let’s motivate it to go on a walk in a more positive fashion by combining two objects:

  • A food bowl (for a pet)
  • A “flying disc” (or whatever the non-trademarked name for a Frisbee is)

… into a “flying disc” food bowl (Figure 1) that can be thrown by the owner.

Fig. 1: This “disc-bowl” will also need a wire mesh cover (shown on the right side of the figure) to keep the food from flying out when the disc is thrown. This lid could either open automatically when the disc is placed on a flat surface, or it could be designed so that a pet could open the lid by itself.

A pet owner would simply fill the disc-bowl with dry pet food, throw it, and watch as their dog / cat / capybara / whatever chases the bowl. This process could be repeated as many times as is necessary.

Fig. 2: The disc-bowl in action. Go, dog. Go!


This may be the next fitness and/or pet-stewardship trend. Get in on the ground floor by 3d-printing one yourself today!

PROS: Helps both pets and their owners get valuable exercise.

CONS: Substantially more labor-intensive than just going for a normal walk.