Five things your haircut says about you, without you even realizing! The first thing it says is: “get your hair cut by a robotic hair cut helmet.”


Haircuts can be time-consuming and expensive. Somehow, even though modern robotics have resulted in quad-copters, robotic surgery, and an alarm clock with a hand that slaps you in the face, the dream of automated haircuts remains elusive.


Behold, our salvation from laborious non-automated haircuts: the mechanical “haircut helmet.”


Fig 1: Functional AND fashionable, the haircut helmet’s stylish exterior hides dozens of small rotary blades on the inside.

The exterior of the helmet hosts a lever that allows the length to be adjusted. (Perhaps, for version 2, there could also be a second lever to select a style.)


Fig 2: Internally, the haircut is accomplished by a number of shaving-razor-style rotary blades on adjustable tracks. The blades can move around and adjust their distance from the helmet-wearer’s scalp to ensure the perfect haircut every time!


Fig. 3: Tame the unruly hair at left with the haircut helmet (center). Right: the result. With minor touch-ups, this fashionable individual will be ready for their business meeting / film shoot / wedding.

PROS: Would save millions of dollars and millions of man-hours per year.

CONS: May put all hairdressers out of business, leading to massive unemployment and civil unrest. Also, it might cut your ears off.


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