One weird corner case of biohazard stickers that might save you from getting the bubonic plague


“Warning” stickers / “caution” tape are occasionally placed on or around objects to indicate that they are dangerous.

The issue:

However: what if the tape itself is the source of danger? For example, if a roll of “BIOHAZARD” tape was accidentally dipped in a vat of bubonic plague, there would be no way to indicate that the roll of tape itself was dangerous. People would just naturally assume that the “BIOHAZARD” warnings on the tape were meant to be peeled off and stuck elsewhere, and then they would presumably handle the roll of tape, lick their fingers, and get the plague.


Fig 1: A roll of “biohazard” stickers. But what if the roll ITSELF is the biohazard? Whoa.


Instead of selling warning tape / stickers in completed form, they could be sold in separate rolls that would have to be combined to form the full “danger” message. One could imagine, for example, a “DANGER” sign that came in two parts (a “DAN” and a “GER,” neither of which is a warning by itself).


Fig 2: Half-biohazard tape, left side.


Fig 3: Half-biohazard tape, right side. Combine this with the roll in Figure 2 to form a proper biohazard sticker.


Every year, millions of people die after handling rolls of warning tape (possibly of unrelated causes). Perhaps this proposal will somehow help?

PROS: Could double profits from selling rolls of biohazard tape? If you own a tape-manufacturing company, you should lobby for this to be a new law.

CONS: May be less ecologically friendly due to potentially generating extra waste.

P.S. See also: a related idea for caution tape.