Increase the use of standing desks in the workplace. Healthy AND economical!


Standing desks are a semi-popular office furnishing at many workplaces. Most models of standing desk can be raised and lowered (either with a hand-turned crank or an electrically-powered button).

The Issue:

Regrettably, many people end up keeping their standing desks at the lowered normal-desk height for 99.9% of their work hours, thus depriving these employees of the probably-not-scientifically-validated alleged health benefits of the standing desks.


This proposal is simple: we simply remove fifty percent of the chairs from the office. Now, half of the employees will need to raise their desk to standing height (or hunch over their desk like some kind of caveman).

Employees can trade off the use of chairs, or perhaps chair ownership could be a free-for-all, and employees would be locked in an endless battle for chair privileges.

Fig. 1: Increasing standing desk usage is so simple: just remove the chairs! Here, we have taken a regular workplace with chairs at “A” and “B” and have (arbitrarily) removed chair “A.”


This should bring great health benefits to the office workers of the “information economy.”

PROS: Easy to implement!

CONS: It might be extremely annoying to constantly have to re-adjust the settings on a shared chair.