Firearm safety is enhanced even further with this new system that may also develop math & logic skills!


Various governments and organizations have made efforts to reduce the number of firearm discharges by impulsive and/or unqualified individuals.

The Issue:

Currently, by design, a firearm is relatively easy to operate. Unfortunately, this makes it easy to accidentally fire, or for a child to find a gun and shoot it. Additionally, an individual may get very angry in a specific moment (e.g. a “road rage“ incident) and murder someone with minimal contemplation of the consequences.


The proposal is simple: a concerned individual who (perhaps) knew that they were highly impulsive and/or prone to fits of rage could mitigate the damage they could cause by adding a “sudoku lock” to their firearm.

This would be similar to the “you must blow into a breathalyzer installed in your car before you can drive,” which is sometimes used as a restriction on habitual drunk drivers.

As shown in the figure, the trigger could be unlocked by simply solving the associated sudoku.

Fig. 1: The “sudoku unlock” will reduce the chance of an accidental or impulsive firearm discharge.


This same system could also be used by extremely confident hunters to give their prey better odds.

PROS: Provides a built in “cooling off” period for someone who is briefly intensely angry, which should reduce the number of “road rage” shootings. (Unless those people get extremely good at sudoku-solving.)

CONS: Might actually increase the number of irresponsible firearm discharges if people are bored and start playing sudoku on a gun because, hey, it’s right there, why not.