Repurpose this common office supply to prevent casual snacking on junk food. Binder clips to the rescue!

The Issue:

After a person purchases a gigantic (yet economical) tub of snacks, they’re probably doomed to devour them in short order.

But what if there were a way to harness human laziness to prevent devouring of junk food?


Behold, the solution! Just put an excessive number of binder clips on the container that you’re trying to protect* (Fig. 1), and you’ll find that your desire to chomp on thousands of calories of chocolate chip cookies is kept in check by your similar desire to not have to undo (and redo) a bunch of binder clips.

* From yourself.

Fig. 1: This 1.44 lb. container of chocolate cookies is protected by four large binder clips.

This system even works on irregular containers, such as the bag in Figure 2.

Fig. 2: Works on bags, too!


This system has been tested in human trials, and has been shown to decrease cookie consumption rate by approximately 50%. Not bad!

PROS: Improves public health for only the cost of a few binder clips!

CONS: Unfortunately, incompatible with most ice cream containers. Definitely does not work on ice cream sandwiches, either.