An unlimited-number-of-words command-line-utility version of the word game “Wordle” is exactly what is needed to live a fulfilling life in the modern era. See below for the extremely user-unfriendly process of running this script in a terminal window!


In early 2022, the word-guessing game “Wordle” had a moment in the spotlight as an Internet sensation.

In this game, a player attempts to guess a 5-letter word in as few tries as possible. Each guess provides a user with a certain amount of information as to how close they are to the actual correct answer (in a fashion similar to the game “Mastermind”).

A number of alternative word-based versions were quickly created, but—strangely—no general-purpose game for guessing X words of length Y letters has yet been made available.


Until now! A very user-unfriendly command-line Python script is now available for playing a clone version of Wordle with as many words and letters as you like (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: With “-n=4,” we have four five-letter words to guess at once. This mimics the functionality of the Wordle variant that goes by the name “Quordle.” With “-n=8,” we would be mimicking “Octordle.”
Fig. 2: After finishing a game with the settings from Figure 1, the result looks like this.

One important new feature is that we can also specify, say, “–letters=12” to guess twelve-letter words (Figure 3) instead of five-letter words.

Fig. 3: Twelve letter words are substantially harder to think of, as it turns out.

Or perhaps instead of twelve-letter words, we want twelve words:

Fig. 4: For the true word-guessing fan, maybe 12 words are more suitable than a mere 1, 4, or 8.

But the real bonus here is that you can increase the numbers as much as you want (Fig. 5)—at least, until you run out of words in your dictionary.

Fig. 5: For the true word-guessing fan, maybe 12 words of length 8 is more appealing than a mere 1, 4, or 8.
Fig. 6: As a convenience feature, you can also share spoiler-free emoji versions of your guessing process with your friends! Just think how much they’d like to get a message that looks like this!

How do I get this amazing Python script?

This script can be downloaded at: . It’s super user-unfriendly, so only the intersection of [command-line fans] and [word game fans] should subject themselves to the inconvenience of trying to figure out how to run this.

PROS: Provides an enhanced degree of word-guessing that should satisfy even the most ravenous consumer of this esoteric means of entertainment.

CONS: Might leads to massive national productivity loss if people spend all day long trying to solve 128 eight-letter words in as few guesses as possible.