Take care of chores WHILE you commute, thanks to this new “chore rideshare/taxi” fusion. It’s the ultimate time-saver for busy professionals!

The Issue:

Commuters often spend an hour or more in traffic every day. There are many chores in life that would be nice to handle in this hour, but it’s hard to (say) visit an optometrist while you’re in a car.


Until now, that is! This proposal is so simple, you’ll wonder why it isn’t a major form of transportation already.

We simply add a new option to the rideshare / taxi apps. Currently, it is possible to request a type of car (e.g., regular, SUV, limousine). But what if you could also request a professional service to be provided (Figure 1)?

For example, a car might be converted into a mobile psychiatry office: then the commuter would be able to lie back on a stereotypical therapist’s couch while also commuting to work. What a time-saver!

Dating apps could also take advantage of this system: a vehicle could be half-converted into a fancy restaurant suitable for impressing a dinner date. For dates, this system has two benefits: 1) people who meet this way will probably live relatively close by (since they’re sharing a commute route) and 2) even a bad date isn’t a total waste, since both parties are still accomplishing their commute!

Fig. 1: This “chore multitasking” rideshare vehicle could offer commuters a variety of services, which would be installed into the “Multi-Purpose Customer Zone” (gray dotted line area) in the back of the car. In example A) a driver (who is also a licensed psychiatrist) has installed a stereotypical psychotherapy sofa. In B) the car has been converted into a trendy coffeeshop, suitable for friendly meetings, coffee dates, job interviews, and more!

Many other services are also possible, such as:

  • Professional Tax Filing Assistance
  • On-the-road Dentistry
  • Laser Eye Surgery (paved roads only)
  • Legal Advice
  • Marriage Officiation (even faster than a “drive-thru wedding”)


This idea also works for mass transit (subways, trains, etc.). For example, just as a bus might be an “express” bus, it could also be a “dental clinic” bus.

PROS: Adds more multitasking opportunities and the ability for taxi drivers to supplement their income by “up-selling” riders on more lucrative professional services.

CONS: In a car accident, the laser-eye surgery example has some headline-grabbing failure possibilities.