Roller skate “reverse treadmill” exercise shoes will allow you to get exercise while just standing around. Amazing!


In today’s decadent sedentary world, it’s easy to barely walk around at all. This puts humans in danger of having their legs become vestigial, atrophying and causing the species to evolve into a slug-like form.


In order to solve this, we need to get people walking again. And what better way than by wearing special roller-skate-like shoes (Figure 1) that move the wearer backwards, so you have to continue walking in place just to stay in one spot?

Fig. 1: This shoe-on-a-treadmill will slowly move the wearer backwards. They’ll need to keep up the pace if they want to stay in one spot. Note: this could probably be done more simply with just roller skates, but the conveyor belt adds a certain all-terrain appeal.


Next time you need a new way to get “incidental exercise,” consider this shoe-based solution!

(This particular idea was suggested by Sam B.)

PROS: Allows people to get exercise when they normally wouldn’t. Synergizes nicely with standing desks.

CONS: May increase the chance of falling over, which is a leading cause of injury and death due to the unreasonably tall and lanky form factor of H. sapiens.