Leave a note even if you don’t have a pen! This tip will shock you when you realize that it does not even require HUMAN BLOOD!

The issue:

Sometimes you want to leave a very short note, but you don’t have a pen handy. Normally, you’d be out of luck, but with this amazing trick, you can leave a note with a page from any magazine or piece of paper you happen to have lying around!


First, learn morse code (Fig 1).

Next, find a piece of paper (Fig 2).

Tear the paper as described in figure 2.


Fig 1: Morse code lets you represent a letter (in this case, “X”) as a sequence of dashes and dots.


Fig 2: Get a piece of paper and tear it according to Morse code specifications (where a long tear is a DASH and a short tear is a DOT). So to leave the letter “X” (– · · –), you would tear the paper as follows: “long tear, short tear, short tear, long tear.”


Fig 3: Here, 7 letters have been torn into the piece of paper. Each torn section corresponds to one of the dot / dash annotations in black.


Fig 4: If we decode the Morse code at left, we will discover that the note says OCTOPUS. How extremely useful! Glad we wrote that down.


You should try this out! It’s slightly less inconvenient than it sounds like it would be.

PROS: Lets you easily leave a note even under adverse lack-of-writing-implements conditions.

CONS: Requires you to remember Morse code. Difficult to leave more than about 20 letters worth of information on a standard sheet of paper.