This blog got its first search engine referral, for “cutting a poster for carrying.”


When a person searches for something using an online search engine, their general expectation is to get a vaguely useful answer.

However, I checked the blog stats recently, and someone apparently searched for “cutting a poster for carrying” and was directed to the “butterfly” poster design post (

cutting a poster for carrying

Fig 1: Some unfortunate person searched for “cutting a poster for carrying” and was referred to this blog.

Regrettably, I didn’t have ANY tips as to how to “cut a poster for carrying.”

But, this can be fixed! Now, future individuals who want to know how to cut a poster for carrying will be able to consult this page.


If you need to “cut a poster for carrying,” first fold it into an octagon to make the primary base. Then fold the outsides to the middle—you’ll know you’ve done this right if it makes a transverse diamond shape. Next, fold the middle sides in, and then fold the entire diamond length-wise. Flip it over once, and repeat the process. Then fold in the protruding rhombus lobes and perform a reverse inside fold. Next, fold the base lengthwise and tuck the tail in between the two sides. Finally, fold the entire assembly length-wise, pull out the tail section, and fold the head to make a beak. Now cut it in half. Voilà!


Fig 2: Final result of the poster, after cutting it for carrying.