Reduce the rate of crimes perpetrated with guns & blunt weapons with this business defense tip. Stop wasting money: this new security system has zero recurring costs!

The Issue:

One issue that faces business owners is the issue of providing physical security. Businesses that have a lot of cash on the premises may be targeted for robberies, which can be dangerous to both employees and patrons.

Ideally, we would have a way to discourage criminals from using deadly weapons in a robbery (Figure 1).

Fig. 1: This sign might do the trick.


In order to discourage criminals from using weapons in a robbery, we propose to create a situation in which it is very dangerous (for all participants) to use a weapon at all: specifically, hundreds of fragile glass capsules (Fig. 2) full of pressurized deadly corrosive gas will be placed throughout the business (e.g. lining the walls, behind the counter, at the cash register).

Since any gunfire (or sufficiently intense fighting) in the convenience store is likely to break one or more of the glass capsules, the rational robber will realize that it’s a bad idea to rob the store in the first place, which should make things safer for everyone.

Fig. 2: It’s important for these containers to be extremely fragile—they need to break if even slightly disturbed.

As an added bonus, the reduction in robberies will reduce the cost of insurance for the business.

Although this system is primarily intended for cash-heavy businesses, it is equally applicable in other areas where crime (and general roughhousing) is to be discouraged, such as schools and hospitals.


It is recommended that this system not be implemented in areas that are prone to earthquakes or high winds.

PROS: Might effectively reduce the rate of gun- and blunt-weapon-based crime.

CONS: Does not effectively discourage the user of laser-based weapons in robberies, which may make this system obsolete in the future.