Do you hate jerks who intrude on your personal space on public transit or airplanes? Now YOU can be even more of a jerk with this one amazing fashion tip!


Everyone has at some point had their personal space intruded upon by a discourteous and/or humongous individual on a bus, train, plane, or movie theater.

If only there were some way to reclaim your personal space!


But there is!

The answer is an inflatable pufferfish-inspired jacket (Figure 1).


Fig 1: In normal situations, the jacket is similar to a standard raincoat (left). But should the need arise, the coat can inflate to protect your personal space (right)!

This new fashion accessory is of particular use on public transit (Figure 2).


Fig 2: Normally, the jacket-wearer in this figure would have to worry about a discourteous individual sitting next to them. But no more, now that the entire row of seats is protected by rows of deadly spines!


Head over to your nearest department store and put a pre-order on this new trend-setting jacket!

PROS: Prevents the wearer from being eaten by some types of deadly predator.

CONS: May fail to deploy properly in situations of boa-constrictor-related peril.