The incredible plan to save the world with more Californias

The issue: Like the citizens of many states, Californians believe that their own state is great—so what could possibly be better than even more Californias? There is a novel plan afoot to turn one (1) full-sized California into six (6) fun-sized Californias, as documented in the following link:

Above: Figure 1: An original official promotional image

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This new California would consist of 4 Republican-leaning states and 2 Democratic-leaning states, instead of the single Democratic-leaning state that currently exists.




Instead of splitting California into just six states, with 12 Senate seats, I theorize that California should “shoot for the moon” and attempt to split itself into SIXTY states (with 120 Senate seats). Then, instead of just having a moderate six-fold increase in the state’s senatorial power, it would have a 60-fold increase.

With 120 Senate seats to the remaining states’ 98, California would be able to bend the remaining states of the union to its inexorable will.



Above: Figure 2: Artist’s rendition of the hypothesized “Sixty Californias” initiative.





The “Sixty States” still won’t give California a majority of the House of Representatives (CA would have somewhere between 60 and 120 representatives). In order to remedy that, a more drastic proposal must be put forward:


Above: Figure 3: The optimistic “Six Hundred Californias” initiative.

Since every state must have a minimum of one (1) representative, the new 600-fold alliance of micro-Californias would easily have a majority of total House of Representative seats (in fact, it would require serious re-structuring, since the House is currently limited to 435 voting members).



Instead of wasting their time attempting to split California into a mere six pieces, the voters should unite to make more dramatic change.


PROS: The legislative tyranny of this new assortment of mini-states would be absolute.

CONS: None per se, but it might be difficult to convince the other states to accept this partition.